pcProx® Plus BLE

Dual-frequency card reader with Bluetooth® low energy technology

RF IDeas pcProx Plus BLE is a dual-frequency programmable card reader with integrated Bluetooth® low energy technology. This reader allows users to leverage either their proximity or contactless employee ID badges, or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags or labels, for secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace.  The pcProx Plus BLE interacts with sensors and mobile devices that are enabled with Bluetooth low energy.  Depending on the end user’s application software, pcProx Plus BLE can be configured to utilize Bluetooth low energy beaconing to serve a wide variety of applications such as in-building location, secure authentication, and item tracking.

As one of the most robust readers available today, the pcProx Plus is provided standard with four user-definable card configurations enabling an IT or security department to seamlessly integrate additional card types. Supporting nearly all card types worldwide, RF IDeas readers provide flexibility to any customer, integrator or end users working with different card technologies. Additionally, the user-adjustable beeper volume lets users set the volume low or turn it off for quiet zones, or adjust the beeper volume to high in noisy work environments. In addition, in certain industries such as manufacturing where machinery or other factors can cause electromagnetic interference, the 13.56 MHz auto-tuning antenna ensures the best power transfer between the card and reader to optimize read range despite interference.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology can be used as secure authentication and identification credentials, making it ideal for a variety of applications in every industry.  The Bluetooth technology functionality of the pcProx Plus BLE is enabled through the Bluegiga BLE113 Bluetooth® Smart Module1.  Users can develop Bluetooth low energy applications using the Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart Software available for download from the Silicon Labs website 2.

Software Developer’s Kit

Also available as the SDK (or 82 Series) model, pcProx Plus BLE can integrate into most software or hardware through the use of the RF IDeas Universal Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). The SDK readers use a callable DLL or other direct integration methods rather than keystroking (emulating a keyboard device). These readers deliver the card ID in a format that applications recognize, offering nearly limitless possibilities for user identification and authentication.



  • Card reader and Bluetooth low energy module in one device, saving a USB port for other peripherals
  • Flexibility to use either an employee ID badge or a mobile device for instant identification and authentication
  • Bluetooth low energy capable readers opens the door to an unlimited number of mobile and beaconing applications
  • Protects and secures sensitive information
  • Improves organizational workflow by streamlining the authentication process
  • Eliminates error-prone manual entry of user names and passwords
  • Helps track activities to the individual level
  • Customizable to work with any card solution for any size corporation
  • Helps meet various industry compliance requirements (when used with appropriate application solution)
  • Employee familiarity with existing badges reduces training time
  • Future-proof reader design supports nearly all card type technologies
  • Enhances ROI of badge technology investment


  • PC/LAN Access Control
  • Application Log-On
  • Employee Identification
  • Item tracking / inventory management (wheelchairs, medical equipment) using Bluetooth technology beacons
  • Printer location / beaconing
  • Facility navigation leveraging Bluetooth low energy technology
  • PLC and Embedded Controllers
  • OEM
  • Time and Attendance
  • Meeting Attendance, Visitor Management
  • Hoteling
  • Secure Printing
  • Point of Sale
  • Dispensing
  • Mustering