One of the most trusted metal detector suppliers in Dubai.  For indoor and outdoor use, for high sensitivity as well as high discrimination demands. In addition, we provide a lightweight hand-held metal detectors which can be used in conjunction with walk-through metal detector gates or separately.

Our Walkthrough Metal Detector can easily detect weapons, such as knife and gun, and any metal articles which are hidden in human body. ID VISION UAE is the dealer of  Airport Door Frame Body Scanner MetalDetector and Walkthrough Metal Detector For Security. Best price guaranteed on our state of the art metal detectors.


Innovative Body scanners

We are the dealer of innovative body scanners / airport body scanner gates that provides quick and reliable image evaluation of an inspected person. Our price match policy means you can buy from us safe in the knowledge you have got the best deal out there. The unparalleled features and rich design provides flexibility and a high level of security. Proven reliability and effectiveness of this transmission whole body imager stands unmatched.

ID Vision UAE, is one of the reliable dealers of Metal Detectors in Dubai and are proud to stock the very best handheld metal detectors. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are bound to find something that will suit you, so take a look around. These can be used anywhere to search for all kinds of valuable metal from gold coins to iron relics. Our stylish Metal detectors will detect all kinds of metal from iron relics, coins and household .

The body imaging X-ray machines used to scan a passenger on all sides and transmit the image of the passenger’s body, without clothing. The platform design allows for unprecedented integration possibilities for security systems jails, airports, railway stations and security checkpoints. Body scanners for best price in Dubai, UAE

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Our state-of-the-art products, solutions and services meet the most demanding threat detection needs at airports, border crossings, railway stations, seaports, government and military installations and high-risk facilities around the world.

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