Our centralized Cafeteria Management System is Ideal for malls, recreational hubs, food courts and organizations running an in-house cafeteria, it is a cashless setup for managing cafeterias. It is beneficial for administrators, schools , HR managers, Employees, Food Vendors, Food Court Managers, Customers and all other stakeholders engaged in management & functioning of cafeterias.

Big organizations with large numbers of employees are rendered incompetent in handling a cafeteria manually. There is always a requirement for a centralized Cafeteria management system to promote efficient operations. Smart Choice is a web-based management system for multiple food vendors, menu contents, billing features etc. It is a kiosk based system and helps in managing pricing, service taxes and billing structure. It has been specially designed to integrate with touch screen kiosks and smart cards; and has centralized recharge and refund stations.

Features :

  • Cashless experience: We offer centralized stations to recharge cards at food courts and offices. Customers & employees can top-up their food cards using cash or credit/debit cards. It allows setting up of centralized stations to facilitate easy refunds.
  • Self service kiosks: It enables customers/employees to make food purchase from unmanned kiosks. Devices like kiosk administrator, card reader, bill printers and more can be mapped on to Smart Choice systems and managed seamlessly.
  • Vendor management: This feature of Smart Choice caters to food vendor enrollment and delisting, which entails privilege definition & setting cafeteria policies, with ease. It facilitates vendor performance tracking and reporting to managers.
  • Single Click reporting interface: The users/managers can get detailed recharge & refund reports and report summaries in just one click.
  • Web-based Employee expense reports for corporate buyers: Food cost per employee for corporate houses can be monitored & managed with the simple user friendly interface.
  • Design your bill: Food vendors can design their own Menu, Pricing and Billing Structure. Administrators can design customizable bills and receipts for customers & vendors with ease.
  • Universal usage with flexibility: It can be accessed globally from multiple locations and manage an organization’s cafeteria records unilaterally.
  • Ease of use and Hassle Free: With our solution , administrators & HR managers can allocate a single integrated card for access control and cafeteria usage for better security and better management of cafeteria. It also enables the vendors to define their complete food menu including sub-categories and items with ease. The add-on features include cash drawer management and reconciliation, keyboard and touch screen driven billing interfaces and KOT (Kitchen Order Token) printing.

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