IriTech IriShield Series Scanners

Irishield mk2120u

 IriTech IriShield Series scanners includes ultra-compact, auto-capture iris scanners, complete with on-board iris recognition and a PKI-based security infrastructure that ensures end-to-end data security.

The lri Shield Series feature lriTech’s superior iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms to provide good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. The embedded algorithms can complete a matching query against 1,000 stored templates in 500 milliseconds.

IriShield Series is an upgraded version of IriMagic and IriHerald. IriShield can replace IriMagic and IriHerald without changing the existing application.

 IriTech IriShield USB MK 2120U scanner is monocular and has a capturing distance of 5cm/15cm.

 IriTech IriShield BK212U is a binocular scanners and has a capturing distance of 15cm.


– On-board processing and matching

– NIST-proven extremely accurate iris matching algorithm

– STQC certified

– Internal gallery: 1,000 iris templates (500 IDs)

– Tamper-proof

– Supported interface connections: USB, UART

– Supported OS’s: Android/ Windows/ WinCE/ Linux/ eLinux/ Mac/ proprietary OS/ non-OS system


– Cost-effective

– Ultra-compact, light weight

– Supporting power management functions


National ID

Workforce Management System (using IriTracker software)

Access control

Self-service kiosk

Student Time Tracking

For more information / proposals on IriShield Series products IRIS camera MK2120 scanner  and / or  Iris BK2121u scanner contact ID VISION on +9714 2694 620  / [email protected], we provide genuine portable and ready-to-use iris scanners for the best price in Dubai, UAE, Middle east and Africa.