Integrated Biometrics provide innovative enrollment and verification fingerprint sensors to hardware integrators, software and database providers, and contractors serving government agencies and commercial markets worldwide. Integrated Biometrics products utilize our patented LES (light emitting sensor) film delivering best-in-class performance in speed, size, weight, ease of use, and durability for affordable high performance mobile solutions.

Kojak live scanner

Integrated Biometrics creates the lightest, fastest, most reliable fingerprint scanners

More ideal for mobile environments than silicon or traditional optical sensors, Integrated Biometrics FBI-certified fingerprint sensors work in direct sunlight on dry or moist fingers, resist abrasion, and are 90-95 percent smaller and lighter than traditional optical scanners. Integrated Biometrics offers the only Appendix F FBI-certified sensor that meets mobility requirements demanded by end users, solving the major problems of size, speed, accuracy and durability. ID Vision UAE is one of the reliable suppliers of Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanners / 442 scanners in Dubai, Middle East and Africa.

IB products are lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use solutions with more spoof protection than traditional optical scanners for end users in Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Background Checks, Military and Defense, Social Services, National ID programs, National Elections, and other government and commercial applications where identity is required.

Government certified or commercial application IB technology delivers on security, accuracy and performance.

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