An Open Platform application for enterprise access control and attendance management, which integrates with best of the breed security platforms from global manufactures.

The Uniqueness of HRView lies in its being pan-organization access control software and a universal time attendance management solution. It runs in geographically spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes.

HRView is easily accessible through a web-based interface, this makes usability, monitoring and administration easy for all users of the software. Only a computer with a browser hooked to an Internet connection is required and business can go on as usual.

With HRView all access management regulations & compliances can be automatically kept in sync effortlessly. It reduces the workload and enhances the efficiency by automating access management.

Features :

Privilege & Workflow management

HRView mirrors all relevant business rules and workflows essential for issuance of access rights and credentials to various sets work force comprising of employees, contractors, vendors and visitors.

Integration with Active Directory helps create an ‘Organizational Chart’ for a privilege based access to various forms and features of HRView portal and administrative rights over workforce groups and entities.

Shift management

Shift management is easy with HRView, it can be used to help create, monitor and manage any kinds of work shifts. Weekly shifts, night shifts, auto shifts and flexible shiftscan be administered and attendance in these shifts be tracked.

With HRView’s enterprise-wide integration capabilities, attendance in these shifts can be linked to payroll processing systems and human resource management systems.

Multilingual & application personalization

The application offers multilingual support enabling transnational organizations to operate on a global platform while fulfilling the need for a localized user interface. The portal can be further personalized as per corporate identity.

Dashboards & Widgets

HRView allows you to prepare customizable & shareable dashboards with ‘website Embeddable widgets’. The dashboards can be shared across the organization amongst various stakeholders. The selected widgets can be embedded on websites. The dashboards can be customized based on department and designations.


Configure multiple business entities coexisting in a facility having common and private areas such as Business Parks, Malls, SEZs. Complete confidentiality of information is maintained among Business entities.

Attendance regularization

Travelling employees can send in ‘on-duty requests’ through HRView’s web-based or mobile interface. Approvals and subsequent attendance regularization and synchronization with leave and payroll software modules are taken in completely by HRView.

Compliance & reporting engine

The HRView reporting engine facilitates security administrators, HR managers, Team Coordinators with unlimited flexibility to design & build reporting templates as per organizational audit & compliance needs.
The engine includes multiple reporting categories; each category contains multiple predefined templates as per customary industrial norms. The templates can be modified in terms of field selection, ordering, naming, data formatting, data grouping & more. The reports can be sent over emails or can be set as downloadable with their generation cycle being suitably defined.

Cloud Ready

The application can be hosted or offered as a cloud service for better efficiency, reliability and scalability. The most significant benefit of managed service platform is in terms of IT cost savings; it is more reliable & consistent as compared to in-house IT infrastructure.

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