finance-cardsFinancial Card is issued by commercial banks or payment mechanisms, integratd circuittechnology is used to embed IC chip into a plastic card and then package the card. Financial IC card follows the national standards of financial industry, it has the partial or complete financial function of
credit consumption, transfer and settlement of accounts, cash deposit and withdraw, and also has other
functions of business service and social management.

EMV standards require a very secure production environment as well as security to maintain data integrity. We meet these requirements while delivering a product of high standards through our security printing services.

Why EVM Chip cards?

As of October 2015, financial companies, credit card issuers, retailers, and more are subject to new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards.

IDVision Dubai is a trusted partner to help you stay relevant and unlock all of the opportunities that EMV migration has to offer. Adapting too slowly to new EMV standards can hurt your competitive position and increase fraud risk and liability. Our technical experts can help you every step of the way for your long-term EMV smart card solution. Our services not just limited to UAE, we are the most trusted suppliers of complete range of Financial card, EVM card printing solution in GCC, Middle East and Africa.

We offer a full range of EMV cards services such as SDA, DDA, CDA authentications including various memory capacities and operating system, JAVA or NATIVE, that can be tailored to your needs as well meeting EMV standards. We have capability to manufacture Dual interface cards [Contact chip + Contactless antenna] as per EMV standards. Other than EMV Cards, we offer various types of Magnetic stripe and contactless cards as well for financial institutions and banks according to their requirements.

Financial IC Card is divided into single interface card and a dual interface card according to the
communication mode, and it’s divided into standard bank card and financial joint card according to the application loading.

Our full range of personalization solutions for financial cards includes electrical personalization of magnetic stripe encoding, contact and contactless chip with different types of graphical personalization such as Color image [photo] printing, embossing and indent printing as per regulations prescribed by  payment system authorities around the world. We have adopted cryptographic practices for secure communication with any third parties such as customers, suppliers etc. We have the capability to meet the requirements of payment system authorities’ recommendation of cryptographic algorithms RSA, 3DES for secure data encryption.

We have established PIN printing solutions ( Chip & pin ) as well within the facility as per regulations prescribed by payment system authorities around the world.

Complementary services are also offered such as the personalization and fulfillment packaging of credit/ debit cards in various types of personalized and non-personalized carriers with collaterals such as leaflets, user manual booklets, and promotional literature. We involve ourselves in the process of dispatching directly to end clients on behalf of financial institutions and banks.

All of this, combined with our competitive pricing, short lead time, flexibility in service and the knowledge that the cards are produced from a single secure and accredited UAE site, makes our financial cards printing company in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah etc) the perfect choice for all banks and financial institution.

For more information on EMV compliant financial cards contact ID VISION on +971 4 26 94 620 / [email protected]