Chameleon 8 biometric tablet

Chameleon-8-biomeric tablet

Chameleon 8 is the most adaptable biometric tablet in the world. Rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use, Chameleon 8 products are built with proprietary cutting-edge technology, ensuring rapid and precise capture of biometric and biographic information. With multiple configurations the Chameleon is ideal for all identity registration and authentication applications in any environment.

Chameleon 8 is available in 5 rugged models. Each model has its own unique set of multi-modal biometric features to suite your needs.

  • Chameleon 8 – Micro
  • Chameleon 8 – Single
  • Chameleon 8 – Single+
  • Chameleon 8 – Dual
  • Chameleon 8 – Slap

Models are available in Standard, Professional and Premium versions and each model can be customized to include additional biometric or data capture features.

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