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Just like the DNA that identifies your biological lineage, ID cards helps you in the physical identification of your employees or visitors. Imagine how many times you are required to showcase your physical identity proof in a day!

Right from picking up a package from a delivery service or submitting an application in a government office to entering your office building, multiple scenarios prove that ID badges are a must-have today.

In this piece, we will talk about why your company needs to use ID badges and see how you can create the same easily, staying within the comfort of your own office.

5 Reasons why your company needs to use ID badges


  1. To prevent security violations:

Employee ID cards help in the instant identification of everyone within your office building. If your business deals with sensitive customer data, ID badges offer an excellent way to categorize your employees based on the different security levels and manage their access to restricted areas within your office premises.

Most of the employee ID badges carry name and photograph of the person who owns it, making it easy for your security staff to distinguish between an employee and a visitor.

ID badges can be used to track the movement of employees in and out of the building which could aid the building security in case of emergencies like a sudden fire.

2. To improve customer- employee relations:

Putting a name and designation to the face can improve the customer’s confidence in your company and your employees. Imagine some of your employees are having a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer. If they produce their ID badges at the time of the meeting, it proves their legitimacy, which in turn showcases your company’s sense of accountability to your customers.

Similarly, a prospective customer visiting your office can immediately approach the employee concerned to clarify queries or to share a feedback, provided your employees are wearing ID cards. This enhances your customer’s experience.

3. To inculcate a sense of unity:

ID cards not only serve as a medium for identification; they also act as identity cards. Employees who own the ID badges of the same organisation have a sense of belonging and we-feeling, and find it easier to gel well with their colleagues. An ID badge is thus the primary facilitator of social interactions within a company.

ID badges display the employee name and their role in the organisation making it convenient for all employees to meet and learn more about their peers. An organisation can customise its ID badge template to include any required information or security features that they wish.

You can visit ID Vision Products to know more about the different kinds of ID card printers, software and accessories available to customise your ID badge.

4. To boost your brand’s visibility:

When your employees wear ID cards and display it throughout a work day, it offers a simple, cost-effective way to promote your company’s brand. By default, the ID badge will include your company’s logo, meaning that each employee wearing it is your brand’s advocate.

Imagine your employees representing your company in significant meetings, conferences or exhibitions. A neat display of ID cards by your employees is a silent, yet efficient method of increasing your brand’s visibility.

5. To foster greater sense of accountability:

Many companies use ID badges to track the work duration of their employees. It helps organisations to monitor the check-in and check-out time of employees from their workstations. This will make the employees more accountable towards their work and they tend to abstain themselves from slacking off.

You being able to follow them up closely means that they will be enticed to work harder.

ID badges can be imprinted with pass codes for the security of your employees. It can restrict their access to governed territories of your facility. Also, you can monitor the usage of resources, equipment and other amenities by your employees for increased security and accountability.

Do it yourself: Make your ID badges in-house

We’ve seen the value of ID badges in your business, let’s find out what all you need to make them in-house.

Most often, you might think that it’s difficult, expensive and time-consuming to produce ID cards within your office. You don’t need to be extremely tech-savvy or hire costly resources to make cards internally. If you own an in-house system to create ID badges, you gain multiple benefits- you can print cards instantly, enjoy complete ownership of your design and development process, and of course, spend less.

fargo id card printer

Follow these 5 steps and you’re set to print your ID badges all by yourself!

Step 1: Analyse your requirements

Right before purchasing the equipment needed to print the cards, evaluate your needs.

Identify the kind of ID card you need for your organisation. Should it be in colour or monochrome? Does it need to include photo? One-side print or double-side print? Does the purpose include only identification or additional features such as access control, storing data related to time and attendance, membership details etc.?

Think of how you want the card to appear and what it should do for your company. Grow your research list as much as you can. Ultimately, this could improve the efficiencies and security of your organisation.

Step 2: Buy the ID card printing system

Reviewed and finalised your requirements?

The next step is to buy an ID card printing system that typically includes the card printer, the printer ribbon, the ID card software and a camera if you need to include the photographs of your employees in your ID cards.

You can purchase the above items either individually or as a package.

Our ID card printing systems include everything you need to get started with your DIY mission of card printing. We offer 24 x 7 training and technical assistance on all the printers and software sold by us. Call us on +9714 269 4620; we’d be glad to help you!

Step 3: Software installation and printer set up

Spot a suitable location to house your ID card printer and unpack the system carefully. You’ll find an instruction manual that narrates simple, step-by-step instructions to set up the printer easily. It’s very similar to the desktop printer that you might be using in your office already.

Follow the steps given in the manual to execute actions like installing the ribbon or loading cards to the card hopper. Besides, you need to check the CD included in the package to download the printer driver to the computer(s) that will be connected to the ID card printer.

If required, you need to install your ID badge software as well as your camera.

Step 4: Design your card

Checked if your ID system is set up perfectly?

Now, take a photo (face photo) and import it into the ID software. Place the image within the selected template. Note that your ID card software offers several built-in templates. You can also make a template yourself. Add the cardholder’s details such as full name, ID number, date of birth, designation, blood group etc. as required.

Verify the details carefully.

Step 5: Print your card

You’ve designed your card as per your standards. Next you need to print it by clicking the “print” option in your template. Your card gets printed in a few seconds.

That sounds easy, isn’t it?

Buying an ID badge printer might appear like a costly investment. But it will save money and effort for your business in the long run. Like any other office equipment, ID card printers are essential to keep your business running at its best.

Studies indicate that the longevity of plastic cards is 20 times more than that of laminated paper cards. Laminated cards also incur several hidden costs for colour printer ink as well as paper wastage. It takes approximately 20-40 seconds to print a plastic ID card which means that you can orient your new hire in very less time, with the ID card in hand.

We have extensive experience in providing Identity Management solutions. Write to [email protected] for more information.