TEAM NISCA Printer Ribbons

ID VISION is official TEAM NISCA distributor for the region. We supply high-quality Genuine Nisca printer ribbons that are specially designed to help you get the best card quality from your Nisca ID card printer. Printer supplies are essential to making high quality ID cards that last. Using the correct supplies for your id card printer keeps it running in peak performance throughout its life.  Our Ribbons produce consistently superior quality images and text and professional-looking photos on your plastic ID cards and we guarantee the best price in Dubai, UAE.

Nisca Ribbon

Nisca ribbons produce high-quality IDs and extend the life of your printers and cards. We supply PR5350 ribbons, YMCKO3, 3BP, Nisca NGYMCKO, color ribbons, NGBK Monochrome ribbons, lamination roll and entire range of genuine ribbons listed below.


Part No.DescriptionPrints/Roll
NGYMCKOPRCNiSCA YMCKO ribbon cartridge for the PRC-101250
NGBKPRCNiSCA Resin Black Ribbon  – PR-C101 ONLY – get up to 4000 prints!!1000 (Min)
NGYMCKO3 / 3BPNiSCA YMCKO3 Ribbon (3BP) – PR5350, PR5360LE  & PR53LE Printers Only250
NGYMCKO2NiSCA YMCKO2 Ribbon (PR5100,  PR5200, PR5300, & PR5310)250
NGYMCKOK2NiSCA YMCKOK2  Ribbon –  (PR5100,  PR5200, PR5300, PR5310 & PR5350)210
NGYMCFKNiSCA YMCFK – UV Ribbon – (PR5300,  PR5310, PR5360LE  & PR5350)250
NGBK-OPNiSCA Black Dye-Sub & Clear Ribbon – (PR53XX Series)250
NGBKNiSCA Resin Black Ribbon  –  (all printers except PR-C101 & PR-C201)1000
NGYMCKNiSCA YMCK Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only500
NGYMCKKNiSCA YMCKK Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only410
NGYMCFKNiSCA YMCFK UV Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only410
NGYMCKHNiSCA YMCKH Heat Seal Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only410
NGYMCKINiSCA YMCKI Peel Off Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only410
BKNiSCA BK Blck Only Ribbon – PR-C201 Retransfer  Pritner Only2000 (min)
Retransfer  Film (InTM)NiSCA Retransfer  Film – PR-C201 Retransfer  Printer Only500
Hologram  InTMSecure ID Hologram  InTM Film – PR-C201 Retransfer  Printer Only410
Cust Hologram  InTMCustom Hologram  InTM Film – PR-C201 Retransfer  Printer Only410


Part No.DescriptionPrints/Roll
NiSCAGenuine2Generic NiscaGenuineV2 – Thinfilm * (softcoat / overlay)450
NiSCASecureID-TFGeneric Secure ID – ThinFilm / Overlay (softcoat/overlay)450
NiSCAPrint400Generic NiSCAPrint  hologram Thinfilm / Overlay (softcoat/overlay)400
NiSCAClear-TFNiSCA Clear Thinfilm / Overlay (softcoat/overlay)450


Part No.DescriptionPrints/Roll
NiSCAPrint250Generic NiSCAPrint  hologram  JUMBO w/ Security T/E feature Patch250
NiSCASecureIDGeneric Secure ID – 1mil Holopatch*  for PR53XX Printer/PR5302 Laminator250
NiSCASecureIDPRC201Generic Secure ID – 1mil Holopatch*  for PRC201 Printer/L201  Laminator255
NiSCAClear250Clear 1mil Patch for PR53XX Printer/PR5302 Laminator250
NiSCAClearPRC201Clear 1mil Patch for PRC201/L201255
NiSCAClear250ICClear 1mil Patch w/ Contact Chip cut out250
NiSCAClearMag250Clear 1mil 3/4 Patch for Magnetic Stripe cut out250
NiscaClear290ICClear .5mil Patch w/ Contact Chip cut out290
NiscaClearMag290Clear .5mil 3/4 Patch for Magnetic Stripe cut out290
NiSCAAltSecIDAlternating  SecureID and Clear *** 1mil HoloPatch125
NiSCAAltClearMagAlternating  Full Clear Patch and 3/4 Patch Clear *** 1mil Patch125
NiSCAAltClearIC/MagAlternating  Contact Chip Clear and MagStripe  (3/4) Clear Patch125
NiSCAAltClearICAlternating  Contact Chip Clear and Clear Patch***125

Buy genuine Nisca ribbons & consumables in Dubai, UAE from ID Vision. We are the Authorized distributor, master supplier for entire range of Nisca ID card Printers, ribbons and Consumables . If you cannot find what you are looking for, our friendly sales team will help you find your exact printer ribbon match. Dial +9714 269 4620 now!