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Fargo printers are the world’s broadest portfolio of advanced generation ID card printers and encoders. HID has a wide selection of card printers. Contact us today to help you identify the ideal card printer for your requirement .

Some of the popular HID models are Fargo C50, DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC4500e, HDP5000, HDP5600, DTC5500LMX, HDP8500, DTCii.
From plastic loyalty and photo ID cards to more sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics, HID Global’s professional-grade Plastic ID card printer and encoders are able to produce large quantities of extremely durable credentials both quickly and easily
ID VISION carries a comprehensive line of Fargo ID card printers, number one name in printing plastic PVC card printers, ID card software, and ID card supplies in Dubai, UAE and cater Middle east & African Markets. We can help you build a solution that provides your employees and customers with efficient and effective ID access to your resources.

HID Fargo ID Card Printer suppliers in Dubai for ID Badge Printing

Every business knows, HID Fargo is World’s broadest portfolio of advanced generation ID card printers and encoders.  All-in-one DTC printing and wasteless lamination solution for low cost-per-card production.  With Fargo printers you get professional quality, full-color credentials. Designed for medium-to-large sized organizations, schools, and government institutions looking for reliable, long-term card printing and encoding solutions.

FARGO card printers and encoders can be seamlessly integrated to work with other HID products, ensuring that you receive and retain the maximum value from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.

Why HID Fargo?

  • Fargo printers are user-friendly, reliable & most offer an easy upgrade path
  • Produce high quality PVC/ plastic card printing
  • Ideal choice whether you need to print a basic ID badge or a multi-functional smart card
  • Fargo single-sided & dual-sided printers offer a choice of:
    • Direct-to-card printing – the most common
    • Retransfer printing – the most versatile

HID Fargo printers fastest, all-in-one, durable, flexible, superior, secure, efficient, economical… you name it Fargo has it all. ID Vision UAE is one of the leading supplier of HID Fargo plastic card printers in Dubai, Middle East and Africa. Dial +97142694620 now for the assured discount of HID products. Buy best Fargo printers from best supplier in the region, i.e. without doubt IDVision Dubai.

For HID Fargo printers in United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda,Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen, India, Pakistan and Other Asian, Middle East, African & Countries contact ID Vision .